5.–6. 11. 2022


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Bulletin of the Czech Mountain Orienteering Championships 2022

Organizers: Czech rogaining association (ČAR) and
Krušnohorský rogainingový klub Litvínov
Date: November 5–6, 2022
Event site: Osek near Duchcov, Teplice district, Czech Republic
Event Centre: Osek monastery; GPS: N 50°37.29175', E 13°41.64012'
Event type:
  • Czech Mountain Orienteering Championships 2022
  • 4th event of the ČAR series 2022
  • Public race for newcomers (PZ) and skilled O-runners (PO)
Event area and terrain: Event area is bordered by municipalities of Meziboří – Litvínov – Mariánské Radčice – Duchcov – Hrob – Mikulov Nové Město – Fláje.
Eastern part of Ore Mountains, altitude 130–956 m. Sparsely populated areas in mountains and densely populated areas below the hills. Dense road and trail network anywhere. Sometimes the landscape is extensively used for agriculture, and there are large fields and pastures.
Map: Special rogaining map, printed on water resistant Pretex material, scale 1: 25 000, e = 10 m, condition October 2022.
Terms of Participation: At the registration desk all competitors have to sign a declaration that they start at their own risk. For participants under the age of 18, this statement has to be signed by their parent or legal guardian.
Teams and categories: A team consists of 2 competitors. All team members must complete the entire race together.
You can submit your entry for following categories:
  • HH20 (CZ Champs men under 20, born after November 6, 2002)
  • HD20 (CZ Champs mixed under 20, born after November 6, 2002)
  • DD20 (CZ Champs women under 20, born after November 6, 2002)
  • HH (CZ Champs men open, no age limit)
  • HD (CZ Champs mixed open, no age limit)
  • DD (CZ Champs women open, no age limit
  • HH40 (CZ Champs men above 40, born before November 6, 1982)
  • HD40 (CZ Champs mixed above 40, born before November 6, 1982)
  • DD40 (CZ Champs women above 40, born before November 6, 1982)
  • HH60 (CZ Champs men above 60, born before November 6, 1962)
  • HD60 (CZ Champs mixed above 60, born before November 6, 1962)
  • DD60 (CZ Champs women above 60, born before November 6, 1962)
  • PO (open category for skilled O-runners, no age/gender limits)
  • PZ (open category for newcomers, no age/gender limits)
Entries: Via on-line entry system you can enter or order SI chip rental, accommodation, organizers meal, Osek monastery sightseeing and Saturday folk concert tickets.
Entry fee:
Event typeBasic entry fee per 1 teamLate entry fee per 1 team
CZ Champs30 €38 €
Open category (PO/PZ) 2 stages21 €21 €
Open category (PO/PZ) 1 stage14 €14 €

Basic entry fee have to be paid until Sunday October 23, 2022. From Monday October 24, 2022 we will accept only limited number of entries for increased fee.
Accommodation: Accommodation has to be booked using on-line entry system and paid together with other ordered items before Sunday October 23, 2022. Organized accommodation opportunities:
  • Osek monastery (100 beds, min. 2 nights, heated, own sanitary facilities, 26 € per person and night, no breakfast)
  • Osek autocamp (100 beds, whole cottage has to be booked, not heated, no breakfast, extra recreational fee 2 € and extra paid showers, 1 €)
Autocamp Osek accommodation:
Accommodation typeCost for cottage
and night
10x Bungalow 6 person92 €Own sanitary facilities, kitchen
4x Cottage 5 person44 €No own sanitary facilities
4x Cottage 4 person40 €No own sanitary facilities
7x Cottage 2 person24 €No own sanitary facilities
Organizers catering: Meal has to be ordered using on-line entry system and paid together with other ordered items before Sunday October 23, 2022. Meal coupons you will receive at the registration desk.
MealServing timeMenuCost
Friday soup17:00-19:00 ● vegetable crème35 CZK
Friday supper17:00-19:00 ● chicken with mashed potatoes
● zeleninové rizoto
140 CZK
Saturday breakfast7:00-8:00 ● bread, butter, jam, cheese
● sausage, bread, mustard
● scrambled eggs
90 CZK
Saturday soup17:30-20:00 ● garlic crème35 CZK
Saturday supper17:30-20:00 ● pork goulash & dumplings
● Parmesan risotto
140 CZK
Sunday breakfast7:00-8:00 ● bread, butter, jam, cheese
● sausage, bread, mustard
● scrambled eggs
90 CZK
Monastery guided tour and concert: On Saturday afternoon a Monastery guided tour for 8 € will be available (Czech guide).
Saturday evening a folk concert will be organized (7 € per person).
As both cultural events are under participation limit, it is necessary to book a ticket via on-line entry system.
Payment: Entry fee plus all other items pay to the bank account of Krušnohorský rogainingový klub Litvínov.
Bank address: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1
BIC/SWIFT code: FIOBCZPPXXX For payment identification use your team ID.
Registration: In Osek monastery on Friday November 4 between 18:00 and 22:00, on Saturday November 5 and on Sunday November 6 between 7:30 and 8:30.
Transport and parking: Individual car transport or public transport. With regards to low parking capacity in Osek please use parking lots specified in the final bulletin.
Clothes changing and toilets: No changing room will be available, please change in your car or in your lodging room. Mobile toilets will be available.
Event specification: Two-stage Mountain Orienteering of couples, time limit of 6 hours 30 minutes (both stages)
Saturday November 5, 2022:
Free order with mass start in waves, 1st wave starts at 9:30.
Sunday November 6, 2022:
Normal orienteering route, teams loosing less than 60 minutes will start in a handicap start beginning at 9:30. Other teams and all PO and PZ in a mass start, details in the final bulletin.
Punching system: Electronic (SportIdent), each team member must have his/her own SI chip! You can borrow SI chips at the price of 3 € from the organizer, we only accept orders via an electronic registration system. Your chips will wait for you at the registration desk.
Event catering: There will be min. 1 refreshment point on the route, will be precised in the final bulletin. There are several springs and water sources in forest (blue colour cup in map). In mountain areas you can drink running water from streams, just avoid of using sources nearby cattle pastures and human settlement.
Team evaluation: Only teams with all check points punched (both stages) will be classified. A team with shorter time wins (sum of the both stages).
Event officials: Event director: Jan Tojnar
Course setters: Jan Tojnar/Miroslav Seidl
Event Referees: Miroslav Seidl (Saturday)/Pavel Kurfürst (Sunday)
Information: On website: https://hrob-2022.krk-litvinov.cz/en/
  • Taking part in the rogaining event is on the own risk of every competitor. All participants have to sign an indemnity form at the registration desk.
  • The organizer doesn’t hold responsibility and/or liability for any damage caused by any participant of the race.